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About Sqord

Take Back Play

Somewhere along the line, someone gave you the idea that sitting on that couch of yours was playing. Fun? Sometimes. Maybe. But play? No way. Why should your thumbs and eyeballs get all the fun?

Sqord is here to open up a whole new level of play that'll make your couch seem like a prison cell.

It's Time to Take Back Play

Think of Sqord as one part social media, one part game platform, and one part fitness tracker. All designed specifically for you - completely focused on your needs (And don't worry, we've got your parents' concerns covered, too. Parents love us).

We connect you to a fun social platform that inspires, tracks, and rewards your everyday physical activity in your own local, family, and online communities.

Sqord is Super Fun (And Grown-Ups Think it's Something Special)

Sqord has been introduced in top elementary schools and youth organizations around the country.

We're the proud winners of the ASAP/ChildObesity180 Technology Grand Prize for 2012 and the Blue Cross/Blue Shield of North Carolina Technology Innovation Challenge of 2012.

In 2013 we were selected to be among the amazing companies of TechStars Chicago.

But don't worry, we'd never let anyone tell us that physical activity is more important than having fun while you're doing it.

So What the Heck is it, then?

Our message is simple. Go have fun. Do what you do.

There are no rules to learn, or routines to follow. Whenever you're moving, however your moving, you wear your Sqord PowerPod (or put it in your pocket. Whatever.) It silently will keep track of the duration and intensity of your movement. Go faster, it knows. Go longer, it knows. Park it on the floor, it knows.

Then, when you sync your PowerPod and log in, you'll get points for your activity, your level will go up, you'll get Sqoins to spend on cool virtual items, and you'll enjoy bragging rights in our amazing, visual, interactive social network built just for you.

You'll see everyone else in your groups who is playing. Friends, classmates, teammates, family, you name it. And you'll see how they're doing. And if they're lucky, maybe, just maybe, they can keep up with you. But probably not, right?

We think being active is supposed to be fun, and want to inspire life-long habits that get you up, get you moving, and let you take back play for the rest of your life.


Photography of Sqord kids in action provided by Lauren Eckard Photography, Apex, NC.

Seriously, you've got to give this a try. Have your parents order right now.