Sqord is your online world,
powered by real world play.

The Sqord Booster

The go anywhere, super affordable, waterproof, practically indestructible, long-life replaceable battery, sync with your mobile phone, limitless fun, points-by-the-ton activity scorer designed and built just for you. Get one today!

Play Hard, Score Points, and Win like a Crazy Person.

Why let your thumbs have all the fun? You walk every day. Turn those steps into points. Turn those points into wins! And, hey, if you want to run a little bit too while you're at it, go ahead, win bigger. We won't mind.

Challenge Your Friends (and Yourself).

Compete on our weekly leaderboard and in head-to-head challenges with your friends. Think you can win? Better keep moving!

Chart your Activity, Day by Day, Hour by Hour

Chart all the Activity Points you earn, down to the hour, so you can see when you're moving (try it while you sleep!), and even tag what you were doing when you got those points.

A Socially-Connected Online World, Powered by your Real World Play

Be yourself, online and off.

Everyone in Sqord has their own fully customizable PowerMe. Make yours look like you, or make it how you want to look that day.

Send & Receive Squawks and High Fives

Give your friends and team mates a High Five or send them a personal Squawk from your collection.

Tell Everyone What's On Your Mind

Fill your Thought Balloon to let everyone know what's on your mind, any time.

Sqord for Groups

Connect (and Compete) With Your Classes, Teams, Groups, Friends and Family

If you want to use Sqord in a group... schools, classes, teams, youth organizations, clubs, or just your own group of real-life friends or family, you're in for the best possible experience. You can all be on the same team, compete against each other, communicate with each other, and make Sqord a real part of your real life. Find out more.