Sqord is fun, active play. Sqord is Social. Sqord is an Activity Tracker.

Keep score and win!

Play hard, score points, and win like a crazy person.

Why let your thumbs have all the fun? You walk every day. Turn those steps into points. Turn those points into wins! And, hey, if you want to run a little bit too while you're at it, go ahead, win bigger. We won't mind. Pretty soon, you'll be in the Olympics.

Keep up with your friends status

Keep up with friends... and see if they can keep up with you.

When you win, your friends and classmates will see you win. Though, it's probably them that you defeated. But that's OK too, because you can still give them a High Five and do it all again tomorrow. (As if they're going to beat you tomorrow. Keep dreaming, friends and classmates. Keep dreaming.)

Customize your PowerMe

Be yourself, online and off.

Everything in Sqord centers around you and your fully customizable PowerMe. Make yours look like you, or make it how you want to look that day. Your friends will see you your way, and you'll see them how they want to be seen.