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Jobs at Sqord

Sqord is a young tech company, growing fast and working hard to make active play fun again. A true start-up, we have spent the last year rolling out limited pilots across the country and the feedback from these locations is kids love us. Our program works. And it's time to go big. We've won a couple of major awards, and we're a member of the 2013 class of the prestigious TechStars program in Chicago.

We are using our momentum to begin building out our core team in Durham NC, in preparation for big things in the fall of 2013. Come help us change the world by making it more fun.

Developer, Java

Sqord is looking for a Lead Developer to join its start-up team in Durham, NC.

The Position

We are looking for an amazing developer who is passionate about doing lots of great work and having lots of great fun. In this role, you'll be a key member of our small, growing team. Your voice will be heard in the product and engineering decision making of our company. You'll make far-reaching decisions, solve complex problems, and produce a lot of code.

Sqord is looking for a strong Developer to join our team in a leading role in Durham, NC. What does leading role mean? You tell us. If you point the way to world domination based on years of experience and well-earned gray hairs, let's do it. If you're seriously bright, but have no experience at all, there's no reason not to contact us and make your case. In either role, though, you'll be expected to climb into the trenches with us and sling code.

Ideal Skills

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Education / Experience

Please respond to with your resumé, at least two references, and any samples of your work that you may have available.

Community Manager

Sqord is looking for a Community Manager to join its start-up team in Durham, NC.

The Position

As a Community Manager, you will be the voice of Sqord’s customer service process. It will be your job to help ensure that all of Sqord’s customers love their experience, feel like a true part of our community, and know that we will make sure we address any questions or concerns efficiently and effectively.

You will be the initial point of contact for customer questions, troubleshooting, or a simple hello from a happy user. You will need to be able to effectively work with our schools, youth organizations and corporate customers just as easily as our thousands of kids and consumer customers.

To be clear: you will not simply be answering phones, replying to emails and shuffling on support tickets. You will need to be able to listen and respond to customer insights, pass on feedback appropriately to the development and sales team, and help make suggestions on strategies for improving the overall product and support of the Sqord platform.

This will require you to maintain a high level of knowledge of the current and future Sqord product; best practices in schools, youth orgs and homes; ideally experience in building online communities and account management skills. The ideal candidate should be personable, highly motivated, a self-starter, detail oriented, and obsessed with delivering.

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Other Positions

Sqord is a young company growing fast. We are always looking for talented people to join us in our quest to change the world. If you're talented in the ways of the web and if you're interested in doing big things, we really want to hear from you.

Send an email to with your resumé, any samples of your work, and what you're looking for in your next big career move.