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Information for Parents

Welcome to Sqord!

Sqord is intended to be a fun experience for kids that encourages them to spend more time in active, physical play. Our hope is that by making active play fun, kids will do more of it, and as a result they'll also increase their fitness, improve their overall health, and begin to build life-long habits.

We're dedicated to a positive experience for our players and their parents. We reward physical activity and engagement with our site with virtual rewards such as medals, points, levels, etc. Our players also reward, motivate, and encourage each other with High Fives and Squawk messages (which they select through a fixed menu).

Winning and Losing

Winning and losing are part of any competitive environment, and Sqord, like life itself, is no exception.

Sqord tries to celebrate winning with a huge does of sportsmanship, and minimize losses with some measure of recognition for a job well done. Every player, regardless of wins and losses, will accumulate medals, points, and accolades by engaging in physical activity while wearing the Sqord PowerPod.

However, winners receive more points and rewards than other competitors. And everyone is encouraged to push a little harder for those accolades. We don't seek to sugar-coat losses, but to motivate with positive reinforcement, to promote having fun (rather than discouragement), and to see kids experience the satisfaction of overcoming true challenges.

In many of our challenges, Sqord balances games so that anyone can win based on what we know about their relative levels of activity and performance. Our game single-player game goals are based on past performance, so a win is always within reach. Even though the next win might be a little bit harder.

Player to Player Communication

Player are encouraged to communicate with each other often. We offer two mechanisms for such communication: High Fives and Squawks.

High Fives simply give one Player the opportunity to congratulate another Player for a posted achievement. So, if one Player meets a goal, another Player can give them a High Five for that achievement. This is similar to a "Like" on Facebook.

Squawks are pre-written messages selected by a Player from a menu, to be sent to another Player. So, if one player wants to send a Squawk to another Player, they simply select one from the Squawks menu and send it. The receiving player sees that message in their Social Messages, and can respond with a Squawk of their own. Our Squawks are never written to communicate negative messages.

In sending either a High Five or a Squawk, a Player does not have the opportunity to include any free-form written text, so there is never an opportunity for harsh communication or inappropriate language.


Players of Sqord will wear the Sqord PowerPod. It is held in a wrist band (though it can work anywhere it's carried) that contains a 3-axis accelerometer to measure movement. When placed next to a Sqord SyncStation, it wirelessly transmits what it's recorded to the Sqord web site.

The PowerPod has a battery which lasts 1 year. The battery never needs to be recharged, and once it finally dies, the PowerPod itself will need to be replaced. However, Sqord is committed to keeping the cost of a PowerPod extremely low, especially for replacements.

The PowerPod itself is highly kid-resistant. It can take a beating, get wet, (yes, kids can swim with it), and generally put up with whatever a kid does on a regular basis.


Sqord takes player privacy very seriously. We have a comprehensive Privacy Policy, and we limit what Players can know about each other online. No one can connect with or communicate with a Player online, or learn any individual information about a Player, unless authorized to do so by a Parent or an Organization Administrator (such as a school Principal).

As a parent, you can request to see the information we have collected on your child at any time. Sqord will also quickly comply with any request to close your child's account and fully delete any personally identifiable information.

Sqord is in compliance with COPPA (Child Online Privacy Protection Act), which requires websites to get parental consent before collecting or sharing information from children who are under 13 years old. For more information on COPPA, visit and at A detailed list of FAQs is also available at

Parental or School Consent

Sqord requires parental or school consent for all Players aged 13 and under, as required by COPPA. A Player who fails to provide consent will be deleted from our records in a very short amount of time (and they can always re-register if consent becomes available later).

Sqord will require a parent's email upon registration. In the case of a player who is not affiliated with a school organization, that parent will receive a notice that the registration is pending, and they will have to provide explicit authorization.

In the case of a school-sponsored Sqord participation, the school can authorize participation directly, and the school assumes the responsibility of administering the activity.

COPPA allows, but does not require, schools to act as agents for parents in providing consent for the online collection of students' personal information within the school context. See Statement of Basis and Purpose, "64 Fed. Reg. 59888, et seq., available at, p. 59904.

Questions And Suggestions

If you have questions or suggestions, please email us at

You may also contact us by mail at our physical address:

Sqord, Inc.
201 West Main Street
Suite B009
Durham, NC 27701

919 960 1191

Effective Date 8/22/2012