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About Sqord

Sqord's Partners


Sqord is honored to have been selected to the inaugural program of TechStars Chicago in 2013.

Childobesity180 Active Schools Acceleration Project

Sqord is proud to be a Technology Innovation Grand Prize winner in The Active Schools Acceleration Project (ASAP)/Child Obesity 180 national competition for fighting childhood obesity.


Sqord is powered in part by the market-leading Fitbit™ Ultra wireless activity and sleep tracker hardware and API technologies.


Thank you to Sqord's Amazing Partners

Sqord has been fortunate enough to be fortunate enough to be recognized and connected to some great organizations that have helped to create early opportunities for everyone involved.

Become a Sqord Partner

Sqord is actively looking for partnerships with companies and organizations that have an interest in helping kids have fun by engaging in active play. Contact Coleman Greene, CEO, for more information.